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Hiatt Model 2105 Rigid Speedcuff Handcuffs, Black


These Model 2105 Hiatt Speedcuffs are engineered with top quality, heavy duty steel construction in a solid bar rigid design for added power and control. With a stylish and subtle black finish, these cuffs distinguish themselves in use or in storage. Hiatt Rigid Speedcuffs are unbending in their service as restraints and feature an 18 tooth, 3 retainer bar system for added security. The positive swing through action and built in backloading ensures a swift and simple application. This model comes with two keys for out of the box, by the book, business.

  • Previously Safariland 8132-1-2 , returned to original name Hiatt Model 2105
  • Top quality, heavy duty, steel construction
  • Added power and control that can only come from a solid bar rigid design
  • 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security
  • Positive swing-through action Built-in backloading for fast cuffing
  • Weigh 14 oz, 2 keys included
  • Black Finish