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What is the difference between all the different handcuff finishes?

We have made a comprehensive guide on the different types of handcuff finishes.
Link to guide

Do you sell double locking handcuffs?

Yes, all the handcuffs we sell are double locking. Learn more about double locking handcuffs.

Do you sell handcuffs that open by pressing a button?

No we do not. We sell only police grade locking handcuffs.

What is the difference between Peerless and Smith & Wesson handcuffs?

Peerless handcuffs use a push pin double locking mechanism. S&W’s most popular handcuffs use the slot lock located on the check plate of the handcuffs. Peerless Nickel handcuffs are shiny and reflective. Smith & Wesson uses a satin finish on their nickel handcuffs that purposely appears tarnished and dull.

What is a lever lock handcuff?

Smith & Wesson’s lever lock handcuffs have a finger activated double lock.

What kind of key do my handcuffs use?

Most modern US made handcuffs use a standard handcuff key. They are interchangeable between brands. There are exceptions for higher security handcuffs & cheapo handcuffs sold on the Amazon do not use standard keys.

How many characters can I get engraved into my cuffs?

Try to do 20 characters or less for the best results.

Is your handcuff engraving permanent?

Yes, we use a laser for a high-quality permanent mark.

Do you share my information?

We do not. We only use your information for customer support and shipping labels. If you give us permission, we may periodically send promotional emails.

Do you sell Titanium Handcuffs?

Nobody has ever manufactured a titanium handcuff, it is not feasible. Titanium handcuffs having been made is a myth. We do sell Aluminum alloy, Aluminum & Forged Aluminum handcuffs that are both lightweight and strong.

What kind of handcuffs should I buy as a gift for a future Police Officer?

You should first check with their department policies. Many police departments have a list of gear that is approved for use. You don’t want to buy a pair to later find out they cannot be used at their department.

Can you engrave in different colors?

We cannot engrave in different colors. How the etching will look ultimately depends on the handcuff/finish.