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Hiatt Model UL-5 Ultimate Handcuffs, Black


Combining the easy transportation of hinged cuffs with the sheer control of rigid cuffs, the Hiatt Model UL5 Ultimate Handcuffs are truly versatile. When drawn, these cuffs snap rigid and stay that way until unlocked, at which point they fold conveniently for storage on the belt. The finish is a clean and appealing black oxide that matches the rest of the cuff with ease. With the quality and security that has come to be expected from Hiatt cuffs, these are also constructed of the same heavy duty steel as other cuffs with a specialty polymer hinge/bar system that can be opened or locked with the same key used to open the cuffs themselves. Featuring the reliable and renowned 18 tooth, 3 retaining bar system, these cuffs will prove themselves with reliability. The positive swing-through action and built-in backloading allow for faster deployment of these quality restraints. Includes two keys for out of the box, by the book, business.

  • Hiatt Model UL5 Ultimate Handcuffs replace Safariland 8142-1-2
  • Snaps rigid when drawn and conveniently folds after use
  • Top quality, heavy duty, steel construction
  • Hinge design that can opened and locked, creating a solid bar rigid design for added power and control
  • 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security
  • Positive swing-through action, built-in backloading for fast cuffing
  • Weigh 16 oz, 2 keys included
  • Black Finish