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Free Handcuff Engraving
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Handcuff Engraving

We offer free or low cost engraving on all the metal restraints we sell. Having your name and badge number perminately marked on your handcuffs is the best way to make sure your handcuffs stay yours.

Smith & Wesson Handcuffs

Smith & Wesson is the manufacturer of the worlds most popular police handcuffs. Their model 100 handcuff is the best-selling metal restraint device in the world. Smith & Wesson makes a full line of handcuffs, leg irons & transport restraints. All Smith & Wesson handcuffs are made in the USA of high strength carbon steel. Smith & Wesson handcuffs are available in nickel finish, black finish & they even make a stainless-steel model. The new (M&P) Military & Police Handcuff by Smith & Wesson double locks with a finger activated lever instead of using the handcuff key. All Smith & Wesson handcuffs have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and they all come with two handcuff keys.

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Peerless Handcuffs

Peerless Handcuff Company has been making handcuffs in the USA for over 100 years. Peerless started making handcuffs in 1914 when they acquired a patent for a more modern swing through handcuff that closely resembles what officers use on the streets today. Peerless continues to stay a market leader in handcuffs & metal restraint devices. Peerless recently launched 5oz Superlite Aluminum handcuffs & they are available in multiple Cerakote colors. Peerless handcuffs & leg irons all come with 2 keys and have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

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ASP Handcuffs

ASP has a longstanding commitment to invent & improve innovative law enforcement products. ASP's new Ultra Handcuffs are designed for the modern law enforcement officer. These new police handcuffs feature keyholes on both sides, advanced construction materials & smooth edges to prevent injuries to suspects wrists. ASP handcuffs are now made of steel & forged aluminum making them much stronger than their previous polymer overmold handcuffs. ASP has recently launched a new Transport Kit, Rigid Handcuffs & double locking Tri-Fold disposable restraints.

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New Color Plated Police Handcuffs

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Flex Cuffs / Disposable Restraints

Handcuff Keys

Handcuff Warehouse is the leading distributor of handcuffs & restraints to law enforcement, corrections, military, security and medical facilities. We pride ourselves in having the largest in stock selection of handcuffs. Handcuffs are an integral part of policing and we only carry quality products from leading manufacturers to help ensure that you are safe on the job.

We offer free or low-cost engraving on all the handcuffs we carry. Having unique identifiers engraved into your cuffs is the surest way to make sure your handcuffs do not "walk off" during booking, transfers or multiple arrest situations. Our laser engraving will permanently mark you handcuffs with any text you like. In addition to our large selection, we are the only business to offer handcuff engraving.

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