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Hiatt Model 2103 Rigid Speedcuff Handcuffs, Nickel

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Hiatt Model 2103 Speedcuffs boast top quality, heavy duty steel construction that pairs marvelously with the power and control that can only come from a solid bar’s rigid design. This pair is specially designed for swift application and use in situations where speed is key. The nickel finish is clean and professional. Featuring the Hiatt standard 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system, positive swing-through action, and built-in backloading these cuffs allow for expedience, security, and accuracy in daily use. Also included are two keys for out of the box, by the book, business.

  • Hiatt Model 2103 Speedcuffs, replaces Safariland 8132131
  • Top quality, heavy duty, steel construction
  • Added power and control that can only come from a solid bar rigid design
  • 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security
  • Positive swing-through action, built-in backloading for fast cuffing
  • Weigh 14 oz, 2 keys included
  • Nickel Finish


  • Nice cuffs

    Posted by Donnie on Jul 19th 2019

    I love these handcuffs they r great

  • Great Control Cuffs

    Posted by Christopher on May 19th 2018

    Only officer in the area that uses these. Great for control of difficult detainees. Ive had other officers borrow these for fighting drunks & difficult transports & after want their agency to switch to them. A few have bought them out of pocket for carry on vests. Very easy to quickly get cuffed, compliance the only bad part is the special case unless outer carrier vests are worn they also fit in the sap pocket on some class B pants. Friend in the UK gave me a pair during a visit & have carried since. I keep the issued S&W 100s on belt for large people to put in the middle. 99% of the time I use these though.Lightweight, darn near indestructible and safer for you, since you can get your prisoner in cuffs quick once you are used to these you will like them for high risk transport. Dont need a separate blue box. Had a guy that was on PCP in early 90s break the chain on a set of S&Ws 10 minutes & 5 big cops to ge those on, 30 seconds to get him secured with speedcuffs & had them for 17 years of use in Salt Water, sand, snow, hurricanes & Ice. Only reason needed needed new ones was they were borrowed during a big event & never returned. My Son is academy bound 1/19 & expect these will last his career. Only major thing I suggest is GET THEM ENGRAVED with name or nickname.