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ASP Chain Handcuffs

Special features of all ASP handcuffs include:
  • Precision formed stainless steel handcuff frame with polymer overmold.
  • High contact face with no sharp edges.
  • Permanent color options that extends completely through handcuff overmold.
  • Extremely lightweight handcuffs.
  • Interchangeable handcuff lock sets
  • Recessed keyway with two-sided double locks.
  • Colored double lock indicators.
  • Two-sided lock release.
  • One-direction single and double lock release.

We Offer Free Engraving on all ASP Chain Handcuffs

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ASP ClearView Cutaway Handcuffs
ASP ClearView Cutaway Handcuffs
$55.25 - $64.60
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