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ASP Ultra Plus Chain Training Handcuffs 07440


Train like the real deal, but release with a simple twist. Forget clunky fakes and embrace the realism of ASP Training Ultra Plus Handcuffs. Crafted with the same materials and design as their tactical counterparts, these training handcuffs feature a special twist: effortless release via wrist rolls. No keys, no fumbling – just practice securement techniques with confidence, knowing trainees can unlock with a natural movement.

Double down on safety, with keyless ease. But the training doesn't stop there. When secure restraint is crucial, engage the double lock, replicating real-world scenarios. A dedicated bar, color-coded for quick visual confirmation, lets you double-lock with a simple press – faster, easier, and less likely to be missed. The best part? No key needed during cuffing, maximizing safety for everyone involved.

Built for the best. Beyond the revolutionary keyless double lock, the ASP Ultra Plus Training Handcuff boast the features that make ASP Ultra Handcuffs the gold standard:

  • Forged aluminum strength: Lightweight yet incredibly strong, these cuffs are ergonomic and safe for both officer and subject.
  • Universal fit, fast application: The bow design fits a wide range of wrists and speeds up handcuffing. Choose between steel or aluminum bows for optimal weight.
  • Single-turnkey simplicity: Dual-sided keyways and single-turn release make cuffing and unlocking a breeze.
  • Field-serviceable, adaptable: Replaceable lock sets allow for on-site repairs and customization to suit agency preferences or security needs.

ASP Ultra Plus Training Handcuffs: the ultimate blend of realism, ease, and safety for every step of your restraint training journey.