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ASP Ultra Plus Aluminum Handcuffs with Keyless Double Lock 56061


ASP Continues to innovate and enhance officer safety with the introduction of the ASP Ultra Plus handcuffs. ASP Ultra Plus handcuffs feature everything you expect from this top-of-the-line brand and more. ASP Handcuffs feature keyholes on both sides, forged aluminum frames and aluminum swinging arms for maximum strength and reduced weight. The Plus in Ultra Plus signifies a new design and safety enhancement, a keyless double locking mechanism. These handcuffs can be double locked by depressing the yellow tab on the edge of the handcuff with your finger. There is no need to fumble around with a little key and slot to double lock these handcuffs.

The keyless double lock enhances both officer and subject safety. Since these double lock without a key there is no need to present a key and potentially lose it to your subject while they are being restrained. Double locking is easy and immediate, simply press the double lock bar with your finger and these handcuffs are double locked.

Unlocking these handcuffs when double locked is easier than other brands of handcuffs. ASP handcuffs are the only ones to feature a single turn unlocking feature. Turning the handcuff key in a single direction unlocks both the double and single lock of the handcuff.

ASP Ultra plus handcuffs also have a conical shaped flat contact bow. This means that the shape of the handcuff fits a wider range of wrists, both larger and smaller. The bows are radiused to prevent subject injury. ASP Ultra Plus handcuffs come with one handcuff key. These fit best in ASP brand handcuff cases.

Length: 9.125". Width 3.125". Weight: 7 ounces. 

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