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ASP Ultra Plus Two Pawl Aluminum Handcuffs with Keyless Double Lock 46061


This model does not use a standard handcuff key. Special key required.

ASP Ultra Plus Handcuffs with Aluminum Bows (Model 46061): Take Control with Confidence

Introducing the next generation of restraint: ASP Ultra Plus Handcuffs, engineered for enhanced officer safety and subject control.

Revolutionize your restraint procedures with the game-changing keyless double lock:

  • Instant security: Engage an additional layer of restraint with a simple press of the blue activator. No key needed, for faster deployment and reduced risk of injury.
  • Double the peace of mind: The high-security double pawl system and unique 2-bit key provide unmatched locking integrity.
  • Traditional key backup: Unlock both the double lock and handcuffs with the included high-security key for controlled release.

Uncompromising quality and performance:

  • Forged aluminum frame: Lightweight and incredibly strong, with smooth, rounded edges for enhanced safety.
  • Aluminum swinging bows: Offer a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes while maintaining rigidity.
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways: For quick and easy access from any angle.
  • Replaceable lock sets: Allow for field service and customization to different agency needs.

Additional features:

  • Length: 9.125"
  • Width: 3.125"
  • Weight: 7 ounces

Upgrade your restraint capabilities with the ASP Ultra Plus Handcuffs. Experience security, convenience, and performance like never before.

Note: This model uses a special high-security key and will not open with standard handcuff keys. Handcuffs come with 1 key.


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