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Hiatt Model 3154 Lightweight Hinged Handcuff, Nickel

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Hiatt Model 3154 handcuffs are made of top quality, heavy duty steel with steloy construction, which makes for a sturdy but lightweight pair of cuffs. With a polished nickel finish, these cuffs maintain good visibility. The steloy construction makes the cuffs 40% lighter than the standard oversized pair. As an oversized set these cuffs are roughly 17% larger than the standard size of cuffs. Rather than the chain that is commonly found, these cuffs are connected by set of solid link hinges, providing greater subject control. Featuring the Hiatt Standard 18 tooth, 3 retainer bar system, positive swing through action, and built-in backloading affords this pair of cuffs with still further security and ease of use. Also included are two keys for out of the box, by the book, business.

  • Hiatt Model 3154 lightweight hinged handcuffs
  • Top quality, heavy duty, steel and Steloy construction
  • Steloy material makes the handcuff 40% lighter and 17% larger than standard cuffs
  • Solid links connect the cuffs as opposed to the roller chain
  • Heavy-duty, solid hinges for reinforced holding power
  • Hinged handcuffs provide greater subject control
  • 18 tooth, 3-retaining-bar system for uncompromising security
  • Positive swing-through action
  • Built-in backloading for fast cuffing
  • Weigh 7.7 oz, 2 keys included
  • Nickel Finish
  • Formerly Safariland 8121231


  • Very lite weight hinged cuffs

    Posted by G.Moo on Sep 27th 2021

    So much lighter than standard steel hinged cuffs. Very high quality, makes a real difference in duty belt weight.....Get Some !!!

  • Follow Up

    Posted by GC on Aug 21st 2021

    Day two working the hinges and locks on the cuffs and they're smooth as silk. Just a little lubrication and working and these cuffs will flop right open as smoothly as my Peerless and S&W hinge cuffs, of not smoother. Great cuffs!