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ASP Exo Handcuff Case for Sentry & Ultra Plus Handcuffs


The newest innovation from ASP comes in the form of a handcuff case. The new ASP Exo handcuff case is lightweight and provides the most immediate access to your ASP Ultra Handcuffs. This handcuff case is designed to hold your handcuffs in the ready position. Every time you need your cuffs, they will be accessible, preloaded and ready to use.

To deploy your handcuffs all you have to do is depress the slide lock on the top and your handcuffs will release right into your hand.

Fits on all belt sizes as well as MOLLE gear. As with all ASP handcuff cases a handcuff key is hidden in the back. Fits chain and hinged handcuffs. There are two different floor pads—one for ASP Chain Ultra Cuffs and one for Hinge Ultra Cuffs. Simply press the selected floor pad into place for the cuffs you’re carrying.