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ASP Ultra Plus Hinged Training Handcuffs 07441


Aspiring officers, ditch the clunky fakes and train with the next level of realism. ASP Training Ultra Plus Hinged Handcuffs mirror their tactical counterparts in every way, from the cold steel feel to the smooth deployment. Practice handcuffing techniques without compromising on real-world experience, while ensuring subject safety with the innovative slip pawls. These intuitive mechanisms open with a simple pull, the handcuffed student need only roll the wrists to release the handcuffs.

Feel the real deal, train with ease.

ASP Training Ultra Plus Hinged Handcuffs mimic their operational counterparts in every way, from look and feel to carrying and deployment. Train without compromise while ensuring subject safety.

Effortless release, instant mastery.

No fumbling with keys or dials. Slip pawls open with a simple pull, allowing students release the locking mechanism of the handcuff. This intuitive mechanism builds confidence and speeds up the learning process.

Double down on security, unlock skill progression.

Double lock functionality lets you transition to secure restraint scenarios. A key is then needed to unlock the pawls, replicating real-world procedures. This progressive training system equips officers with the full handcuff skillset.

From baton practice to partner drills, master every step.

ASP's training program takes students through a guided journey. Start by applying cuffs to training batons, then progress to partner drills with wrist rolls for release. Finally, graduate to double locking and key release on live subjects. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough training and preparedness.