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TCH Model 810 Standard Nickel Hinged Handcuffs


Total Control Handcuffs (TCH) are high quality handcuffs from England. These model 810 hinged handcuffs are nickel plated and feature a triple hinge design for maximum strength. TCH hinged handcuffs feature a backloading feature for faster preparation and speed cuffing. All TCH handcuffs feature a push pin double lock on the edge of the handcuffs and must be unlocked with a handcuff key. Nickel plated handcuffs offer greater rust resistance and a shinier finish than if they were bare steel. Total Control Handcuffs are precision engineered to ensure the rotating arm swings through and engages the ratchet bars every time. TCH Handcuffs can be backloaded and have 3 independently moving ratchet bars to help prevent shimming. These handcuffs are double locking and come with two keys. NIJ Compliant. TCH Handcuffs are made in England. These handcuffs have profiled (rounded) edges to help prevent injury to the handcuffed subject.