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TCH Model 812 Dual Key Hole Standard Hinged Black Handcuffs


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Total Control Handcuffs model 812B black hinged handcuffs have keyholes on both sides making cuffing and uncuffing in tactical situations faster and safer. The triple hinge design adds a great amount of strength to these handcuffs. TCH hinged handcuffs have a backloading feature that makes for a faster and more efficient preparation. These handcuffs double lock with a push pin on the side of the handcuff, like Peerless handcuffs. These handcuffs are double locking and come with two keys. NIJ Compliant. TCH Handcuffs are made in England. These handcuffs have profiled (rounded) edges to help prevent injury to the handcuffed subject. These black hinged handcuffs come with 2 standard handcuff keys.