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Smith & Wesson Model 1 High Security Handcuff


The Smith & Wesson Model 1 is truly a unique style of cuff. Boasting a much-improved range of closure sizes, these handcuffs are used as the base for this high security model. Fitted by BOA Handcuff Company with Cuff-Maxx Medeco high security lock cylinders. These handcuffs feature a swinging arm more in line with that of the leg iron for an increased range of size when closed, making it unique among cuffs of its kind.

BOA uses highly pick resistant locks and has a restricted key control system to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Each pair is uniquely keyed and duplicate keys are available only to registered users upon signature verification. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. The locks on each set can all be keyed alike, or each set can be keyed different. Includes 2 keys and 2 double lock activators.