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Smith & Wesson Model 100 Cuff-Maxx High Security Handcuffs

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These high security handcuffs use Smith & Wesson Model 100 handcuffs as a base with a steel casing fitted by BOA Handcuff Company with their Medeco high security lock cylinders for a high tier security experience.

BOA uses locks that are very resistant to being picked and has a restricted key control system to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Each pair of cuffs is uniquely keyed and duplicate keys are available only to registered users upon signature verification. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. The locks on each set can all be keyed alike, or each set can be keyed different. keys and 2 double lock activators included.


  • Security at the best

    Posted by Philcheck on Jan 12th 2022

    Easy to use and secure with no worries of picking escape even without a lock box. HW has great shipping too

  • Nice cuffs

    Posted by Bob snyder on Dec 6th 2018

    Great product nice features strong solid cuffs.