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Ripp Restraints Quick Cuffs

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Ripp Restraints QC-100 Quick Cuffs are designed to be a back-up handcuff on the street and a fast means of securing prisoners in a mass arrest situation, as is frequently encountered in SWAT and Special Operations Group tactics. Ripp Restraints Quick Cuffs may be used as a single cuff, double locked, as ankle restraints or to secure your subject to a chair arm or gurney rail for medical transport.

Made from 700LB polypropylene webbed belt, attached D-ring (steel for law enforcement or plastic for EMS) and hook & loop materials, Ripp Restraints Quick Cuffs provide strong, quick and secure handcuffing. They are silent for noise security and lightweight, pliable, and easily carried without impairing mobility.

A video demonstration can be seen here
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   Works great, August 27, 2019  By Jerald (Trevor, WI)
Bought it for a mentally disabled person that my wife and I take care of. At times he can be combative, and it's hard to control him. These worked marvelously, without any excess setup or preperation. They are ready to use right away. We only had to use them twice so far but both times we gained control of him quickly and he is distracted enough by the straps that calming him down us easier than before. The padded portion of the straps are comfortable enough to not worry about harming him. And what's great is most of the time we only need to use one, but it's nice to have two just in case we need it
   Safe, secure alternative, February 18, 2016  By Anonymous (Toano, VA)
Surprisingly secure yet considerably more comfortable than actual metal cuffs. However, an unsupervised person could likely get them off given time. A poor alternative for larger persons or anyone who cannot cross their wrists behind their back.
   Not bad, December 17, 2015  By Col. Bo (Columbus, GA)
Good quality. Handcuffs would have been better if made of two inch wide nylon strap. They work as stated.
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