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Ripp Restraints Model CT-100 30" Cuff Tether

Ripp Tethers were developed to increase safety and enable the user to maintain constant control over the prisoner. Tethers work especially well in conjunction with transport belts during cell extraction and transportation.
The Cuff Tether is constructed from double layered, 700 LB tensile strength (1400 LB), polypropylene webbed belt and has steel snaps sewn to each end.
CT Application: With one end snapped to a fixed point outside the cell door and the other end snapped to the handcuff chain, have the prisoner put both hands through the pass-through door AT THE SAME TIME (for your safety). Secure handcuffs and double lock. When you open the door, the prisoner comes with the door.
Standard 30" length. Available in any custom length.