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Ripp Restraints Model DT-100 Door Tether

Ripp Tethers were developed to increase safety and enable the user to maintain constant control over the prisoner. Tethers work especially well in conjunction with transport belts during cell extraction and transportation.

The door tether is made from double layered, 700 LB tensile strength (1400 LB), polypropylene belting and has a steel snap on one end and a permanent loop established through a steel alligator clip at the other end.

DT Application: Close the loop around the door knob, and hook the snap to the handcuff chain. With one officer securing the door open 6" to 8", a second officer can lock and double lock the cuffs onto the prisoners extended wrists. The prisoner now comes with the door when it is opened.

Standard 30" length. Available in any custom length.