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Ripp Restraints Model PR-200 Ankle Bed Restraints

Price Range:   $63.00 - $67.50
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Ripp ankle bed restraints. Better than leather...versatile, inexpensive, and washable. All Ripp Patient Restraints are constructed from 2" wide, 1400 LB polypropylene webbed belting.

Standard Patient Restraints are an ample 15' in length to fit any platform or bed and utilize a seat belt buckle to fasten quickly and securely out of patient¹s reach.

Modified Patient Restraints utilize hook & loop closures specifically structured for railed slabs or beds.

-Two Medical Restrainers permanently attached 8" apart for ankle placement
-Triple-securing system for maximum effectiveness
-Detachable, multi-layer Tri-Lam padding
-Triple-securing system for maximum effectiveness

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