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Ripp Restraints Arm and Ankle Restrainer

The Ripp Restraints AA-100 Arm and Ankle Restrainer is made from 2" wide, 1400 LB polypropylene webbed belt. Held together (wrapped) in a 9" long, hook & loop material strap. When using the Ripp Restraints restrainer with a prisoner in standard steel handcuffs, the strap may be wrapped and sealed around the handcuff chain and the subject's belt or belt loop. This will, under normal conditions, restrict the movement of your prisoner's hands. This strap is a tool to be used for your safety.

Ankles: When used on the ankles, the Ripp Restraints AA-100 is quick and easy to put on and still allow your prisoner to walk - BUT NOT RUN.

"Straight-Jacket": The ARM & ANKLE RESTRAINER may also be used across the chest of most subjects, from elbow to elbow, to restrict arm movement.

"Bat-Wing": When using the restrainer in a "bat-wing" manner, your prisoner may be controlled from striking a blow while being de-cuffed. Use de-cuffed while booking or during medical treatment.

The use of your ARM & ANKLE RESTRAINER will provide you control over your prisoner for safer handling conditions. (NOTE: The ARM & ANKLE RESTRAINERS are not intended for use in "hog-tying").