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Cuff-Maxx High Security Transport Box

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Cuff-Maxx High Security Transport Box. Prevents tampering by keeping keyholes completely covered. Works with Peerless 710 high security handcuffs and Smith & Wesson Model 100HS high security handcuffs. Works just like standard black/blue boxes. Hinged box closes over handcuffs, steel clip is applied over box. Then you can lock with a padlock or secure with a waist chain. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum. Powder coated orange for high visibility. Weighs 18 ounces.


  • Quality

    Posted by Philcheck on Jan 12th 2022

    Very well made lock box for already Hugh security cuffs. Fast shipping by HW once again!

  • Great product

    Posted by Mark M on Jun 25th 2021

    The construction is very well made. Make it impossible to manipulate the locks. The handcuffs them selves are extremely hard to pick but this makes it impossible to get out of even with a key to the cuffs. Used wit a waist chain and locked behind the back makes this the most secure way to transport a prisoner.