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Peerless Oversized Pocket Handcuff Key

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A high quality extra large key designed to make double locking and unlocking restraints faster and easier. The extra long aluminum barrel is oversized and knurled for lighter weight and easy handling. The flag tip and double lock pin are made from heat treated alloy steel for high strength and durability. Available in nickel or black.
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 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 13 Customer Reviews  
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   Handcuff key works great but..., February 16, 2020  By Steve (Florence, CO)
I dislike the normal, small sized handcuff key like everyone else. When going to uncut someone there are those who drop the small cuff key. However, this oversized cuff key addresses that problem. This key is approximately 4.5" long and its nice. The clip stays in place and it works great. I put this in my shirt pocket next to my pens.

The only thing I wish is that Peerless would put knurling on the smooth side of the key. I've noticed that this smooth portion of the key is slippery. I think by adding the knurling would allow for a more positive grip and aid in the uncuffing process. I would also like to see this same key made a bit longer, perhaps 6" so it would match with regular pens and also be used as a striking implement (as a last resort).

Overall I like the key and wish I had gotten one sooner.
   Handcuff keys, December 31, 2019  By Steve Bock (Las Vegas, NV)
We recently purchased Peerless hinged handcuffs and these handcuff keys will do the trick. Well made and at a good price.
   BPD, September 19, 2019  By Anonymous (Birmingham, AL)
Great product!!! Would absolutely recommend this to any Law Enforcement Officer!!! Quality!!! Great experience with the Handcuff Warehouse as well!!! Highly recommend!!!
   Peerless Pocket Key, August 22, 2019  By Anonymous (Graniteville,, SC)(Verified)
This key is very helpful with it's length, & the clip is also an asset.
   Peerless Oversized Pocket Handcuff Key, July 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Mora, MN)(Verified)
Two things in my shirt pocket, a pen and this key. I had one and used it for 20 years until I retired. Bought this as a graduation gift for a young man just starting his career. I'm sure it will serve him well for years if not decades.
   Peerless Oversized Pocket Handcuff Key Review, April 10, 2018  By Anonymous (Oxford)(Verified)
Good key for a fair price
   Peerless Oversized Handcuff Key, May 11, 2017  By Anonymous (Zwolle, LA)(Verified)
Excellent length for detectives. American made.
   satisfied, March 2, 2017  By Anonymous (El Paso, TX)
So far it has worked very well. Very Satisfied
   Great key to have as a backup., June 18, 2016  By Will Bennett (Richmond, VA)
The key worked flawlessly. Handcuff Warehouse I will recommend to my friends. They processed and shipped my handcuff key fast. I had it in two days.
   Community Supervision Officer, October 6, 2015  By Anonymous (Elberton, GA)
Good quality! Arrived quickly!
   hancuff key excellent, October 1, 2015  By Anonymous (angola, NY)
Superb key..
   Peerless Oversized Pocket Handcuff Key, August 4, 2015  By Dale Wilcox (Broomfield, CO)
This product is awesome making it so much easier to acess me keys when needed in a speedy manner!
   Officer, July 15, 2015  By Anonymous (Tampa, FL)
Good product at a reasonable price
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