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Zero9 Double Handcuff Case


The Zero9 Double Handcuff Case is a rugged and versatile case designed to fit two pairs of standard hinged or chain handcuffs. Zero9 Hadcuff Case has a retention screw to ensure a secure fit and a comfortable draw and re-holster. These cases also include an adjustable retention lanyard.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the features:

  • Compatible with most standard handcuffs: The case is designed to fit most standard hinged or chain handcuffs from major brands, such as Smith & Wesson, Peerless, and Chicago.
  • Retention screw: The retention screw allows you to adjust the fit of the case for a secure and comfortable draw and re-holster.
  • Oversized handcuffs and leg chains not compatible: The case does not fit oversized handcuffs, Peerless Hinged Handcuffs, ASP Handcuffs, or leg chains due to their large blades.
  • Adjustable retention lanyard: The adjustable retention lanyard keeps the case secure on your belt or vest.