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Zak Tool #57 Combination Window Punch and Pocket Handcuff Key

Part Number: ZAK57  

Zak Tool #57 combination window punch and handcuff key. Black finish. The middle of the key is a spring. Constructed of heat treated stainless steel. Instructions: "Hold point against lower corner of vehicle side window. Pull opposite end approximately one inch and release." Opens all standard handcuffs and breaks all standard auto glass. Length: 4 7/8".
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   Good piece of equipment, November 28, 2017  By Anonymous (Jackson, TN)(Verified)
The only negative that I have is that is has no way to double lock cuffs
   Emergency Window Breaker, October 24, 2015  By Anonymous (La Vernia, TX)
Well made for the price added bonus is the handcuff key.
   ONLY good for pin lock cuffs, August 12, 2015  By Matt Guest (TX)
The description isn't quite correct. It says, "Opens all standard handcuffs..."
Well, yeah, I guess that it will "Open" them, but it won't double-lock all standard handcuffs.

If you have a pin-lock set of cuffs, in which you push in the pin at the edge of the cuffs, you're good to go with this.
If, however, you have the newer style of sliding side-lock type cuffs which require the small pin of your cuff key to extend into the flat side (not the edge) of the cuffs to be slid until it clicks to double-lock your cuffs... this is NOT the key for you.

The punch tip is just too thick to extend into the notch in the sideplate of the handcuffs to slide the locking bar. You would have to Dremel it heavily to get it thin enough, and even then, I don't know that it would work.

The punch works REALLY well. The spring on that thing is easy to use, and puts a lot of power into the window with very little effort. The actual key works well. In short, this is a GREAT piece of kit if you carry the pin-lock 'cuffs. The key is heavy-duty and not flimsy.
I gave mine to one of our rookies, who carries two pair of pin-lock cuffs. He was happy as a clam, and so was I, because he now has a handy window-breaking device in his shirt pocket. (I carry the excellent glass-breaker cap on my ASP baton, so I've got something.).

Colleagues, if you are on patrol, you need a glass-breaker. I am a big guy, and I was shocked at how hard it is to break a car window with just my ASP baton. Three swings, and I almost buried the end of it into my face. Have SOMETHING on your person which will break safety glass.


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