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Winchester Model WN-40 Stainless Steel Handcuffs

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Winchester model WN-40 handcuffs are constructed of heat treated stainless steel. These handcuffs are manufactured to NIJ standards for police, corrections and security work. Winchester handcuffs come with 2 standard handcuff keys and utilize the push pin double lock. To double lock these handcuffs simply depress the pin on the edge of the cuffs with the pin on your handcuff key.


  • Great Gift Item

    Posted by Gregory on Oct 13th 2019

    I purchased 3 pairs for police officer appreciation gifts. They are well made, and being stainless steel, will hold up well in all weather. The officers receiving them did appreciate the gift, as any officer can attest, an extra pair will come in handy at some point, whether it be for multiple suspects, or one large suspect that cuffs must be linked in order to detain them.

  • I will never use another brand!

    Posted by Warren Thompson on Aug 13th 2019

    I got my first set of Winchesters about 6 years ago, to replace the garbage Peerless cuffs my department gave me. They quickly became my main set, and I got a set of S&W cuffs as my backup. All it took was working a traffic accident in the rain one time, and the S&W cuffs rusted. I was able to get them cleaned and working, but it took a lot of brushing and oil, and they still werent as smooth as the Winchesters and all I had to do was shake the water off of them.I will readily admit that I dont take care of my cuffs as often as I should, and these things still look and work like brand new. Thanks to this order, my backups are now Winchesters, and i will never purchase or use anything else. 5/5 STARS, FAST PROCESSING AND SHIPPING, WOULD ABSOLUTELY PURCHASE WINCHESTERS FROM YOUR SITE AGAIN