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Tuff-Tie Disposable Hand Restraints (Single Unit)
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Tuff-Tie Disposable Hand Restraints (Single Unit) Tuff Ties  

Tuff-Tie Disposable Hand Restraints (Single Unit) Black

Part Number: TTHRB  

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Tuff-Ties are an amazingly effective alternative to cable ties. Tuff-Ties are made of braided nylon cord with a reinforced poly-carbonate locking block, they are very secure and nearly indestructible. Extremely compact, Tuff-Ties can be carried in your pocket or stashed in the bottom of your handcuff case.
-Tuff-tie is used by thousands of correctional and law enforcement agencies around the world.
-Pre-threaded - ready to use and apply. Has a double locking feature.
-Unlimited shelf life - Tuff-Tie is not affected by exposure to sunlight, temperature, or environmental conditions.
-Flexible - Tuff-Ties will not cut into skin or cut off circulation if applied properly.
-Lightweight and easy to carry - TuffTies won't tangle in your pocket.
-Non-metal teeth will not rust or corrode. The poly block is virtually indestructible.
-Designed by a police officer for law enforcement use.
-Manufactured by a leading plastics company under strict supervision.
-Every Tuff-Tie unit is tested prior to sale. Made in USA.
-Currently available in black only.

Tuff-Tie Specifications:
Cord tensile strength: over 500 pounds.
Cord Material: flat diamond braided nylon.
Locking block material: reinforced poly-carbonate.
Assembly weight: only 8 grams (1/4 ounce).
Loop circumference: 12 inches (each side).

 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 11 Customer Reviews  
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   Tuff Ties, July 1, 2017  By Anonymous (CA)
Great product, always keep these handyman.
   Tuff-Tie, April 5, 2017  By John Morris (Waxahachie, TX)(Verified)
These are great. I have carried one in my pocket every day for the last 5 years. Such a convenient way to always have a set of cuffs on you. We have tested them on some pretty big officers, and not one has been able to break them. The only thing stopping me from rating 5 stars is the price. They are a little expensive considering what it would cost to manufacture them.
   RE: Contact, March 26, 2017  By Anonymous (lucedale, MS)
These units are what we need as church security teams, small to carry in a pocket or on a belt but strong enough to detain someone until the police arrive to cuff them, it's a good deal besides, cheaper then a few of the other marketers provide.
   Tuff-tie disposable hand restraints, March 1, 2017  By Anonymous (Astoria, OR)
Great product. You can put them in your pocket and not even know they are there. Much more discreet for off duty use than metal hand restraints.
   Tuff-Tie Disposable Hand Restraints, February 9, 2017  By David Todd (Independence, MO)
PERFECT......I've given several of them to friends in the police department (who haven't seen them before and they were quite impressed) and our church security team. They all appreciated getting them and carry them all the time.
   Tuff-Tie Cuffs, October 6, 2016  By Anonymous (GA)
These are a great item to have on hand for off duty law enforcement or throw a couple in your gear bag as an extra option in case multiple restraints are needed. It would be my suggestion not to use these for a combative subject unless it was absolutely necessary.
   Finally, off duty cuffs., October 4, 2016  By Anonymous (Verified)
Tried several different styles of handcuffs for off duty carry, and I now have a drawer full of sub-standard handcuff cases from manufacturers that don't have a clue about concealed carry... Finally found these and problem solved! Keep one tucked over my belt, can throw another in a pocket if need be. Sure, they are slow and clumsy to apply compared to normal cuffs, but I can carry them without knowing they are there, which means I will actually have them on me if needed, and they are priced right.

As far as durability, I watched the youtube video of some Russian cop trying to break a pair of these, and he ended up snapping his wrist. I didn't go that far when I got mine, but I'm convinced they will hold under use and abuse.
   Public Safety Manager, August 4, 2016  By Anonymous (Des Moines, IA)
My public safety officers have used them several times. they are very fast and easy to apply when the individual is being combative. We will order more when it's time.
   Great product, June 2, 2016  By Anonymous (Dover, OH)
This product is hard to beat. The quality, design and ease of concealment makes this a perfect product for large events or off duty use. Simple yet incredibly functional.
   Great for off-duty, January 26, 2016  By PAUL BARNER (HAMBURG, NY)
Tough cord that won't break. Awesome for backup cuffs on patrol when you're in a pinch and perfect for off-duty carry.
   Just what I was looking for!, October 27, 2015  By Anonymous (Albuquerque, NM)
These fit perfectly in my pocket and are ready to go at all times! Just what I was looking a great price!

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