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Safariland TranZport Hood 2.0- Spit Hood For Prisoner Transport

The TranZport Hood is intended for use on any prisoner or subject that has become belligerent, unruly, or threatening. The medical filtration fabric helps to contain contaminants and is a deterrent against biting or spitting. 

The TranZport Hood also reduces the risk of possible lawsuits resulting from other protection methods that may cause unintentional harm to the subject. 

We are now shipping the new improved version of the TranZport Hood. The new face mesh makes breathing easier. The face curtain facilitates greater air flow and makes the TranZport Hood less restrictive and more comfortable for the subject while containing any projection of body fluids. The top adjustment ring automatically adjusts the hood to size as it is applied.

The Safariland product code was changed from 8320-0-2 to 8330-0-2 in July, 2019.

Note: The TranZport Hood should not be used on any person who is unconscious, vomiting, in respiratory distress, or in obvious need of medical attention. Anyone wearing a hood should be under the constant supervision of responsible parties.