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Smith & Wesson M&P Lever Lock Handcuffs

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Smith & Wesson Military and Police Lever Lock Handcuffs. They are standard S&W Model 100 handcuffs, but with finger activated double locks. Other manufacturers have had problems with finger activated double locks in that they can be accidentally activated too easily. Smith & Wesson has solved the problem with levers that move away from the direction in which you're cuffing so the lever won't accidentally be engaged. All current inventory is the new riveted design. Available in nickel or black Carbon Nitride (formerly called Melonite).

Smith & Wesson Military & Police Handcuff Nomenclature

Handcuff Personalization
We offer personalized laser etching on handcuffs, leg irons, restraint chains, and padlocks. Please only enter what you would like engraved on this page. Additional instructions can be added at checkout. Personalized handcuff orders normally ship out the same business day if the order is received before 1pm EST.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 55 Customer Reviews  
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   S&W Lever Lock Handcuffs, November 20, 2017  By Anonymous (Jefferson, WI)
Arrived very quickly; stiff at first but ratcheting them through a bunch of times and working the lever locks helped to smooth them out. The engraving is top notch and eliminates lost cuffs.
   S&W M&P handcuffs, November 7, 2017  By Tim C (Coleville, CA)(Verified)
Awesome kit. A little stiff at first, especially the double lock. However, after about two days of just breaking them in, the lock and double lock became very smooth and easy. My go to cuffs.
   Most effective handcuff, October 17, 2017  By Anonymous (Roanoke, VA)
The double lock lever is the best addition to handcuffs since the double lock. Instead of having to fool with a handcuff key, just activating the double lock with the lever saves loads of time.
   The New Standard is Here, October 13, 2017  By Anonymous (Trenton, MO)
Got these because of how highly recommended they were by fellow officers. The lever lock is a definite advantage over all handcuffs that don't offer it. No more fiddling with the key to get them double locked. Overall quality is the typical excellent that Smith & Wesson delivers. I Strongly recommend these handcuffs.
   Incredible product, October 3, 2017  By Roger (Jersey Village, TX)
I was amazed at how quickly they showed up even with getting my badge number engraved. Since I've had them I've shown them to friends of mine with various agencies around my area and everyone is blown away by these cuffs. Being able to double lock cuffs without using the keys makes it safe for everyone!
   Perfection, September 2, 2017  By Anonymous (LA)(Verified)
Very happy with the handcuffs and engraving! Extremely happy with the fast shipping!
   Smooth write out of the box. Engraving was better than expected, August 2, 2017  By Anonymous (American Fork, UT)(Verified)
The handcuffs were smooth in the mechanics right from the get go. The lever double lock is slick and not tough to work at all. The engraving was deeper than simple surface engravings and is definitely worth the $3.
   Nice, August 1, 2017  By Roger (Toano, VA)(Verified)
Easy to use, quick to set the safety lock and good quality cuffs!
   Quick shipment, great quality engraving., July 19, 2017  By Anonymous (Waldorf, MD)(Verified)
Quick shipment, great quality engraving.
   Great product., July 7, 2017  By Anonymous (schiller park, IL)(Verified)
Product is great quality, I will order again .
   Used alot of cuffs but these are the best ones yet, June 25, 2017  By Anthony (Watertown)
I have used alot of diffrent types amd brands of cuffs and nothing compares to these. Very smoth operating and light weight cuffs that are very durable the best thing about them is the lever double lock system it is a pain in the butt to find and double lock cuffs with the handcuff key specially at night whem you cant see it amd need to use a flash light it also takes your foucus off everything els when double locking these are easy and you dont have to look just feel the lever and pull it till it you hear and feel it snap no key needed and no foucus needed very easy tactical cuffs that are good for officer saftey.
   Awesome, May 18, 2017  By Ramón (Leominster, MA)
Ordered 2 pairs of personalized handcuffs that work amazingly. Would order again in the future.
   One cuff is perfect, the other is pretty stiff., March 31, 2017  By Anonymous (shoreham, NY)(Verified)
Out of the box one of cuffs is stiff swinging around and that same cuff the lever lock is stiff. However, the other cuff is 100% smooth and the lever lock is perfect. Overall, a great pair of cuffs.
   Great Product, March 14, 2017  By Brandon (Sumter, SC)(Verified)
I purchased two sets. These were recommended by a fellow officer who loves his set. I have to say they are so much easier to deal with than the traditional sets of searching for the locking slide. I have shown these to fellow officers who also are going to purchase them
   S&w melonite handcuffs, February 25, 2017  By Lundy (Washington, DC)(Verified)
Nice quality and great engraving
   very nice, February 15, 2017  By Anonymous (RIO GRANDE, PR)(Verified)
I ordered mine with the ss finish with personalized etching and that it looks amazing. The lever double lock does make way more easier to operate.
   Great product., January 25, 2017  By Tom B (Oak Grove, MO)(Verified)
Great handcuffs. Engraving looks great and they shipped the same day I ordered them.
   Love the lever lock, December 27, 2016  By A. Thomas (Flint, MI)(Verified)
Great affordable cuffs, the engraving option is worth it I think they don't charge enough for it though... Great company to do business with, I'll never go anyplace else now
   Great cuffs, December 12, 2016  By Anonymous (Irvington, NJ)(Verified)
No more fumbling for the key to double lock after arrest ...great product shipping was satisfactory
   Lever lock a little stiff but great cuffs!, December 7, 2016  By timbocf (Queen Creek, AZ)(Verified)
When I first got these in the mail, I couldn't engage the leverlock without using something other than my finger because of them being so stiff (I used the round part of the cuff key). After some WD-40 and playing with them for several hours I wore them down enough to be able to use on post. Now they're my go-to cuffs. I love em!
   Excellent so far, November 8, 2016  By Anonymous (Georgetown, KY)(Verified)
The lever lock took a few cycles before they loosened up as they were very stiff out of the box. A little oil and working the action for about 20 minutes took care of it. The melonite finish looks more durable than the blue finish, but time will tell. The laser etching looks great and, for the price, I would recommend this option if you don't want someone to walk off with these. Great cuffs overall, and I'm very impressed with the speed in which my order was processed and received, and the excellent customer service from Handcuff Warehouse.
   Excellent Cuffs, November 3, 2016  By Anonymous (Leominster, MA)(Verified)
Easy to use and double lock when taking someone into custody.
   Simply Awesome!, October 27, 2016  By Anonymous (Manteca, CA)(Verified)
I purchased these new lever lock handcuffs which make it simple to double lock and the fact that it's the melonite color finish its way better than the blue finished that most handcuffs use and they always tend to rust that's why I went with the melonite color
   Recommend, October 11, 2016  By Anonymous (McRae, AR)
Really like these cuffs. The lever lock is awesome in low light situations. Had my name engraved so hopefully I get to keep them.
   Handcuffs S&W, October 1, 2016  By David Trujillo (Tuba City, AZ)
Very pleased with handcuffs I've ordered.. very well made and works as advertised. Will be looking forward to ordering more products in the future. keep up the good work. Thank you
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