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Smith & Wesson M&P Lever Lock Handcuffs

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Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs have a revolutionary finger activated double locking mechanism. There is no need to use a handcuff key to double lock the M&P lever lock handcuff. Double locking handcuffs prevent them from being tightened or loosened without a key. To double lock these handcuffs use your finger to pull up on the double lock lever until you feel a click. Once you feel the click, these handcuffs cannot be tightened or loosened without deactivating the double lock with a handcuff key.

Smith & Wesson lever lock handcuffs are available in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Black Carbon Nitride (Melonite). The Nickel finish handcuffs are silver in color and have a dulled or cloudy surface to ensure they are non-reflective. Shiny handcuffs can cause blinding glare or give up your position in tactical situations where cover is required. Nickel plating also acts as a protective layer against corrosion. The black carbon nitride handcuffs are also non-reflective. The black finish is deep into the metal, so the will not appear scratched and scuffed after heavy use. Black M&P handcuffs are also extremely rust resistant.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs are sold with 2 keys, a warranty card and instructions. Smith & Wesson provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police Handcuff Nomenclature

Handcuff Personalization
We offer personalized laser etching on handcuffs, leg irons, restraint chains, and padlocks. Please only enter what you would like engraved on this page. Additional instructions can be added at checkout. Personalized handcuff orders normally ship out the same business day if the order is received before 1pm EST.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 101 Customer Reviews  
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   M&P Handcuffs, May 27, 2020  By Anonymous (CA)(Verified)
These cuffs are great. Don’t need to struggle trying to find the pinhole while struggling with suspect in handcuffs. Great product
   M&P Handcuffs, May 27, 2020  By Anonymous (CA)(Verified)
These cuffs are great. Don’t need to struggle trying to find the pinhole while struggling with suspect in handcuffs. Great product
   Handcuffs, May 26, 2020  By Andrew (Pennsburg, PA)
I ordered handcuffs with the optional engraving and they arrived faster than I expected. Handcuffs work great with no issues. Would buy from here again.
   Amazing!, May 21, 2020  By Anonymous (Charlotte, NC)(Verified)
Super fast shipping and my handcuffs were engraved. I love them!
   Superhero Handcuffs, March 28, 2020  By Charlie (Bronx, NY)
Delicious. Well made and very functional.
   Smith & Wesson M&P Handcuff Review, March 26, 2020  By Anonymous (Palmyra, PA)(Verified)
Great quality gear fast shipping been ordering from this site for years never disappointed.
   M&P lever lock handcuffs, March 17, 2020  By Rob (Baytown, TX)
Great set of cuffs. Easy double locking no key needed the engraving is a awsome touch to personalize them
   Excellent product!, February 18, 2020  By Casey (MINOT, ND)
Ordered 2 sets of M&P nickel lever action cuffs. They have performed flawlessly and without error. Finish is great and will last forever very satisfied
   Work great., February 1, 2020  By Anonymous (DeWitt, MI)(Verified)
I work in corrections. The lever lock is great for handcuffing people through food slots so that I don't have to fumble with my key. I also ordered these same handcuffs from galls, and 14 days later cancelled the order due to them not being shipped yet. I ordered from Handcuff Warehouse and got two sets, engraved, in two days. Definitely recommend.
   Same S&W reliability, January 25, 2020  By Anonymous (WICKLIFFE, KY)(Verified)
Never a need for a key to double lock again.
   Great Handcuffs, December 26, 2019  By Treveyon (Columbia, MO)
The only handcuff model i have purchased in the last 6 years and the only model i will buy. Just that much better to have them engraved so quick and easy through you guys.
   Handcuffs, November 12, 2019  By Anonymous (4012868900, RI)
These handcuffs are great quality I love the lever lock feature and the engraving is awesome the shipping speed was great and the price was awesome for the product will but again!
   Fast is safe, August 20, 2019  By Anonymous (Newark, DE)(Verified)
As everyone knows getting cuffs on somebody quick is a huge officer safety plus...I have confidence in these not to stick as others have. The black coating seems to make them more slick as well. The levers are great - no fumbling in the dark to find a hole or slot with a key. Highly recommend.
   She likes them!, August 5, 2019  By AC (Rock Hill, SC)(Verified)
I bought them for my partner who left her last pair on somebody and they got misplaced. These are by far her favorite kind of cuffs. And smith and wesson is a very reliable brand.
Will defiantly buy again if these get lost too.
Plus the small engraving is perfect for her initials.
   Love these Lever Lock Cuffs, July 12, 2019  By Molly Smith (Geneva, FL)(Verified)
Come in very handy dealing with less than compliant and all you have to do is use your thumb to double lock it instead of fumbling around with a key to get them double locked when someone is moving around or they end up upside down on the person.
   Very pleased with my order!!, April 18, 2019  By Tiffany (Grand Rapids, MI)(Verified)
I was a little Leary about purchasing these since I haven’t heard of them before but I am so happy that I took the chance and purchased them. I love them and my SO is so excited about them. He’s the only one in the academy with them
   Great item, April 12, 2019  By Romello Escobar (Racine)(Verified)
It is a good quality item it work really well
   Great!, March 6, 2019  By Anonymous (Pilot Mountain, NC)(Verified)
Have had mine for probably 8 months now and love them. Never had an issue with the lever not working or the double lock not staying. They are quick and easy especially when you don't have to take out a key to try to double lock a combative or resistant suspect. Only with they made them in a hinged version.
   Great service and a Good Price, February 27, 2019  By Anonymous (Salt Lake City, UT)
The handcuffs work well, the Melonite finish looks great. The etching is a huge bonus(no more mixed-ups after a raid), and the price was good. My cuffs were delivered in about one week.
   S&W Lever Lock Handcuffs, February 27, 2019  By Samuel Garza (DeRidder, LA)(Verified)
Used them the first night out and they performed beautifully! Locking them was intuitive and effortless.
   Great service!, February 19, 2019  By Anonymous (LONGMONT, CO)
Ordered Sunday night, engraved and shipped Monday morning and arrived Wednesday morning. It can't get any better than that.
   Excellent product!, February 1, 2019  By Anonymous (Morehead, KY)(Verified)
Smith and Wesson are known for their high quality restraints. Their M&P line of cuffs don't depart from that. I personally like the ability to double lock the restraints without worrying about, or fumbling with a handcuff key. I've ordered two pairs of these cuffs and are the only cuffs I use on duty. The engraving is top notch and I couldn't recommend handcuff warehouse more highly to anyone needing good quality restraints with high quality engraving.
   Well done, December 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Johnsburg, IL)
Came exactly how they should. Awesome cuffs with the lever lock. Don’t have to fight to double lock at night. Engraving looks awesome
   Very happy, December 6, 2018  By S. Wallace (Springfield, MO)
The handcuffs work great, the finish(black melonite)and etching look great, and the price was good. My cuffs were delivered in about one week.
   Great quality and functional handcuffs, November 3, 2018  By Anonymous (Tampa, FL)(Verified)
Great quality and functional handcuffs

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