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Sisco Restraint Model 7S-M Stainless Handcuff Security Cover


The Model 7S-M Handcuff Security Cover is a high quality one piece cold worked stainless steel handcuff security cover, there is no hinge or security clip involved in applying or securing the Model 7S-M.

The Model 7S-M handcuff security cover is recommended for use in the full restraint of a maximum security or high risk inmate for transport in a state, county, or municipal transport vehicle.

The Model 7S-M handcuff security cover protects handcuff keyways from picking or tampering and it has unique angled ends that position the hands and arms of an individual in a relaxed posture to reduce physical stress and help facilitate a safe and secure transport.

Hands can easily be restricted close to the body for greater security or let loose enough to meet your security needs.

Only these waist chains are recommended for use with the Model 7S-M handcuff security cover, C&S security #2 chains and the Chicago model A800.

Only these high quality handcuffs are recommended for use with the Model 7S-M handcuff security cover, Peerless standard and oversize chain link handcuffs, ASP "ultra" chain link handcuffs, the Smith & Wesson standard model 100 and the maximum security model 104 chain link handcuffs.

Note: Smith & Wesson oversized handcuffs are not recommended for use in the Model 7S-M handcuff security cover.

Standard Operating Procedure
Secure a set of handcuffs on the wrists of an individual and set the double locks.

Place the handcuff security cover down over the keyway lock portions of the handcuffs until fully seated.

Then place the waist chain around the individual and insert the Master link through the chain link that best meets the individual's waist size or that meets your security needs for allowable hand and arm movement.

Then continue by inserting the master link through the back of the security cover and pull the tail of the chain up through the front of the master link and around to the side for securing with a padlock.