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Safariland Handcuff Key

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Safariland Handcuff Key. Stainless steel 3 inch extended key. Features slotted keyring hole. Stamped SAFARILAND, ONTARIO, CA. Safariland handcuff key opens most handcuffs.


  • Safariland Handcuff key

    Posted by Hal on Dec 8th 2019

    theres not much to say about the handcuff key, but there is plenty to say about Handcuff Warehouses service being second to none. Great prices, great products and OUTSTANDING service.

  • Works In Most Standard Cuffs

    Posted by Philip on Apr 7th 2016

    One thing to keep in mind is that Safariland/Hiatt keys have a wider bit width that most, standard, handcuff keys because the Safariland/Hiatt cuffs use the triple pawl design.This key turned (snugly, but without force) in my Smith & Wesson, American Handcuff Co, and Peerless handcuffs. The key worked perfectly in my Hiatt-Thompson cuffs.The key would not turn in some cuffs with a smaller single strand arms such as the Winchester and Chicago cuffs.The double lock tip is long enough for any cuff I have come across. The design and construction of this key is great for a pocket key ring without taking up too much space on the ring (it is flat) while still providing that extended key feel.