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Ripp Restraints Model TB-600 Transport Belt with S&W Handcuffs at Sides


Ripp Restraint TB-600 continues the line of products with handcuffs attached instead of just the D-rings featured on the TB-500 model. This transport belt is reliable and strong with double-locking smith and Wesson half cuffs to keep the subject in check. This model comes in a standard size (20-48" and 16.8 ounces) and an XL size that caps out at 60".

Ripp Model TB600S features two 1" D-rings placed 14" apart, each permanently fitted with Smith & Wesson half-cuffs.

  • Incredibly Strong
  • Lockable for Added Security
  • Waist expands from 20" to 48" (XL sizes available)
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive