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Ripp Restraints High Security Transport: The Tube, Orange


Minimize the opportunity for your prisoner to smuggle contraband or to gain and use weapons with Ripp Restraints The Tube. Used at Ryker's Island, Pelican Bay and other high security facilities, and for prisoner transport. The Tube is a Hand Containment System designed to completely encase the subject's hands, preventing the grabbing and use of items such as weapons, keys and other contraband. Each hand is encased in a stiff, reinforced nylon cylinder. Handcuffs or cuffs from a belly chain lock the tube in place. Can be used with a belly chain or a single pair of chain or hinged handcuffs. To apply, put subject's hands into Tubes and thread handcuff through attached D-ring and tighten around top of Tube and wrist. The Tube can also be used on someone who is already handcuffed. The sleeve of each Tube is equipped with Velcro straps that secure around wrists. We have tested most competing products and The Tube is by far the most effective and easy to use.