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Peerless Model 702C-6X Oversized Black Handcuffs with 6" Chain

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Peerless 702C-6X Oversized Black Handcuffs with 6" Chain. This is essentially a short chain leg iron. This oversized cuff has a 20% larger inside perimeter then standard handcuffs. The 6" chain is designed for individuals who have difficulty putting their hands together behind their backs. 

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  • Big boi cuffs

    Posted by Trysha on Aug 3rd 2019

    These cuffs are great for the heavy guys and those who cant place their hands behind their backs comfortably.

  • tribal investigator

    Posted by david j duis on Jun 18th 2018

    Used the oversize cuffs two days after I received them on a 340 lb suspect. I do not think my standard cuffs would have fit. The extra 6 of chain was also useful as he was unable to get his hands close together behind his back. The cuffs did the job they were designed for. The ratchet action is smooth and I purchased Peerless because they are manufactured in USA.