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Peerless High Security Hinged Handcuffs


Offering only the highest order of security, the Model 801C-HS High Security Hinged Handcuff is intended for high risk prisoner restraint and transport situations. The Model 801C-HS utilizes a Peerless model 801C hinged handcuff as a base for additional control and security. This model also features Medeco high security lock cylinders and accompanying dead bolts with riveted casing. The dead bolts prevent the handcuffs from being shimmed and are available only with Medeco lock systems.

The Model 801C-HS has a restricted key control system to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. The locks on each set can all be keyed alike or each set can be keyed different. Once you register your key code(s), your agency will have exclusive rights to that code (those codes). The Model 801C-HS comes with two keys, a pair of double lock activators and a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.