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Monadnock Double Cuffs (Pack of 100)

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New - Improved design

Monadnock disposable double cuff restraints are constructed of high strength nylon. Monadnock double cuffs have a tensile strength of more than 300lbs. They are about 34” long and 1/2” wide. If needed, subject information can easily be written onto the restraint. Monadnock double cuff restraints are an effective tool to be used in controlling both wrist and ankle movement if needed.

Lightweight, easy to carry and store. ­ Made of Super Tuff nylon, tensile strength more than 300 lbs. ­ Two cuffs in one, allowing for quicker control of subject. ­ Ample room to write down subject information ­ 34” long, 1/2” wide with beveled edges.

-NSN: 8465-01-515-1156 for black
-NSN: 8465-01-515-1158 for white

-Available in White Black

 Red is for training purposes only.

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