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Milspec Plastics HydaKey Covert Handcuff Key

Allows the wearer to conceal on shirt tails, socks, underwear, etc.. Appears to be an extra button on top of clothing, but underneath- the key is securely attached. Perfect for undercover agents, special forces & covert operations. Allows secret access to key for escape if detained unlawfully.  Extremely small and hard to detect. Can also be sewn into clothing. 

To assemble rivet attachment; Insert Male Rivet through clothing and into smooth side of key to lock in snap rivet; pull / twist off key to release for use

Important Notice: HydaKey is only to be used by Law Enforcement, Military or Security Professionals in accordance with all local, state and federal law or as a tool to counter illegal detainment. Improper use to evade arrest by civilians is strongly discouraged. Milspec Plastic & Handcuff Warehouse assume no responsibility for the ability to use or misuse of this product.