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Milspec Cobra Cuff Disposable Restraints

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Milspec Cobra Cuff disposable restraints are constructed of high strength rubber based polymer. These are the only double locking disposable restraints on the market. Double locks prevent the restraints from over tightening and improves security by making them more resistant to shims/picks. They come preloaded and ready for the field, no assembly required. Milspecs advanced rubber based polymer has an improved shelf life over plastic based disposable restraints. Milspec disposable restraints are resistant to becoming brittle after exposure to temperature extremes (hot & cold). These come folded up into a compact, tactical package ready for deployment.

  • Compact one piece design with integrated folded straps & locking head
  • Pull tab is built in
  • Cobra cuffs come completely assembled for easy application
  • Easy-to-use double locking feature makes Cobra Cuffs extremely strong & pick-proof
  • Riveted straps provide officers extra leverage & control

The Blue Cobra Cuffs are re-usable for officer training purposes Only.


  • MILSPEC Cobra cuff disposable restraints

    Posted by Clayton Eveland on Apr 6th 2021

    These are good quality and a good idea. I have 2 to 4 of these stowed on my plate carrier with a pair of cutters. Better than a single flex cuff. I would recommend getting the blue trainer if you are not familiar with how to deploy them.

  • Awesome made in USA flex cuffs

    Posted by Gabe on Sep 15th 2020

    These are very sturdy made in USA flex cuffs. It is possible to reuse them, but reuse is probably not practical for real world applications. These cuffs are larger than they look; I can fit two of them in an ar-15 mag poch. As a first responder, I feel very confident using these on the street.