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KeyCuff Single Strap Reusable Nylon Restraint

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KeyCuffs are the first and only reusable flex cuffs on the market. The KeyCuff is a single loop flex cuff that can be used up to 20 times. The handcuff key release makes these ideal for both police departments and correctional institutions. Along with reusability these are also the only flex cuffs that can be loosened after application. To unlock the KeyCuff simply insert your handcuff key into the key hole and turn it to disengage the lock. These are constructed of high quality nylon in the USA. Handcuff keys are not included.

Length: 21 inches
Width: .35 inches
Tensile Strength: 350+ lbs.
Color: Black

Features and Benefits
Releases with handcuff key
Strong and lightweight
Environmentally friendly
Designed by security experts
Made in USA


  • Perfect

    Posted by Johnny Etter,Jr. on Jun 19th 2018

    I have used these about 4 times so far just allowing the local pd use them instead of my cuffs. They are built tough like a normal pair. The key slot could use some trimming up. I trimmed the excess up with a hot craft knife. A couple of the officers asked about getting some. Great product so far

  • Flex cuffs

    Posted by Thomas Gill on Feb 14th 2018

    Great product. They are portable in your pocket out of the way or in your belt loop. EP Security this is a must. Instead of putting on hand cuffs run these thru your back belt loop. Instant restraint with out the bulk.