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Humane Restraint Model ADL-305 Ankle Hobble

$140.00 - $142.80
Your populations won't get far with this product. Locking leather 305 ankle hobble allows a person to walk but will impede running or kicking. Hobble features a permanent high tensile strength polyurethane connecting strap that won't shrink or stretch. L-300 lock buckle promotes authorized release. Universal K-300 key opens the L-300 lock buckle. Standard orthopedic leather lining and foam padding are to enhance comfort. Available in Leather of polyurethane.

The polyurethane AD305 hobble has the same benefits as the leather cuffs with additional features. Generation 4 and 5 polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff's ease of use. Water resistant cuffs won't shrink or stretch. Use disposable fleece liner HRFAL200 for additional comfort.