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Humane Restraint Model 203 Locking Bed Restraints

$257.60 - $260.40
Maximum security locking bed restraints lock to bed as well as limbs. Locks promote authorized release. This one-piece item fits a variety of beds and juvenile to adult populations. Universal K-300 key opens all L-300 locks. Use disposable fleece liners for additional comfort. We can customize the restraints to fit your bed. Wrist cuff dimensions: 15" length, 3" width. Ankle cuff dimensions: 16" length, 3" width.
Product codes:
Wrist, Leather CBLWL-203
Ankle, Leather CBLAL-203

Polyurethane bed restraints posses the benefits of leather restraints with additional features. Generation 4 and 5 polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff's ease of use. Advantages of this unique product are that it is durable, won't stretch or shrink, and cleans quickly and easily. Color coded for quick visual identification. Wristlets are blue and anklets are green.
Product codes:
Wrist, Polyurethane CBLWL-203-POLY
Ankle, Polyurethane CBLAL-203-POLY