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Humane Restraint Model HWL Humane Wrap

$70.00 - $75.60
Hook and loop closure allows for fast application and removal for juvenile to adult populations. The wraps are available in multiple sizes, easy-to-clean cotton, and features a control handle. They may be used alone to aid in physical holds, while applying wrist or ankle restraints, or along with wrist or ankle restraints as a 5th or 6th point. A great compliment to the blanket wrap. Available in 3 sizes. Use 36" for legs and 60" or 72" for torso. HRHWL-050 is 72" x 8" with 24" of hook and loop material. HRHWL-100 is 60" x 8" with 24" of hook and loop material. HRHWS-200 is 36" x 8" with 14" of hook and loop material.