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Zak Tool #60H Hinged Tactical Training Handcuffs

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Zak Tool #60H Tactical Training Handcuffs. The Zak Tool #60H is the best selling training handcuff. Sturdy dials replace keys for faster training.

"It is expected that these training handcuffs will endure more use than an average set of handcuffs so all of the components were heat treated for strength and longevity. Use of a key has been replaced with a low profile dial which opens the training handcuff when turned in the same direction as would be used if one used a typical handcuff key. This feature is useful as it provides training in turning a key in the proper direction, thus reducing key breakage. The face of the dial provides an illustration indicating the direction to turn to open the training handcuff. The double lock feature of the training handcuffs is fully functional if use is desired."

Nickel finish, no keys included- you don't need them. Weigh 10 ounces.


  • # 60 hinged training handcuffs.

    Posted by Brian Gleason on Jun 28th 2022

    Very smooth rachets. I wish the dials were smaller.

  • 60 Hinged Tactical Training Handcuffs

    Posted by Michael Watson on Apr 8th 2021

    I am really enjoying these Handcuffs, because of the quality of the material and the practical use during training sessions of different groups. Easy to use and easy to open after the restraint. A tip for improvement: a smaller release knob that can be used with 1 click down with the thump. Love it!