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The Grip Waist Belt with Rotating Wrist Restraints

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Functions like a traditional belly chain, but infinitely more adjustable. The belt locks in the rear. The individual wrist restraints may be positioned and locked anywhere on the belt. The wrists are then locked into the individual wrist restraints. Available in nylon seatbelt type material or Kevlar. Kevlar version has greater cut resistance and is heat resistant to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
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   Outstanding restraint; flexible, long-term use, secure, November 8, 2017  By Bruce (SALT LAKE CITY, UT)(Verified)
I've used GRIP restraints frequently in prisoner transport, but this is probably the best setup of the available choices. Wrists lock in strap loops that do not cause abrasion or discomfort (can be used for long period restraint). They are connected by a swivel to a sliding, locking buckle so they can be positioned anywhere around the waist. Waist belt has plenty of length and the excess can be wrapped around the bucklewhich is on the opposite side of the bodyto limit key access even further. Waist belt can also be positioned higher on the body for a straightjacket type of restraint (arms front or back, over/under).

All the locks use a standard handcuff key. Arms can be repositioned without the wrists being unlocked, and because the coupling swivels, can be set to either the front or back easy for different kinds of transport. Like the regular wrist restraints, the excess strap can be folded over the lock/keyhole and tucked under the plastic wrist retainer (not done in product photo). They also work with the ambulatory wrist pads.

Got a troublemaker... add the GRIP shoulder restraint to this, and they won't be making trouble any more.

Note they are not like handcuffs prisoner needs to be relatively cooperative to put them on. But they can be put on while handcuffed, then cuffs can be removed. Very effective system.
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