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The Grip Restraint System

The Grip restraint system is an entirely new approach to the restraint and transport of prisoners. Using an encapsulated lock and flexible seat belt like material, it has been designed to reduce many of the injuries caused by steel handcuffs and leg irons. There are many advantages to the Grip System:

-Uses standard handcuff key but does not require double locking.
-Wrist and ankle restraints securely fit any diameter wrist or ankle.
-Flexible material eliminates metal to skin contact reducing many potential injuries caused by steel cuffs.
-The entire restraint system can be easily washed and sterilized.
-More humane appearance suitable for all restraint situations.
-Encapsulated lock with tight tolerances and two independent locking bars greatly reduces the possibility of compromising the lock.
-Available in Kevlar for greater cut resistance and heat resistance to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
-MRI-safe version available.

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