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CTS Thompson Model SK-3 Speedkey Magnetic Training Handcuff Keys (pair).


For training purposes only. These keys fit the standard American handcuff except for ASPs. The keys are magnetic, allowing them to stay on the cuff during training to prevent loss of key when practicing. With the time saved by not having to fetch the keys or put them away, these effectively triple your training time per session. The convenient manner in which they affix themselves also allows for swift unlocks and are easily removed when done with the practice. These also allow you to use standard handcuffs for training without getting a separate set for the purpose. The bright brass on the end allows for easy visibility and a stark contrast to help keep them in sight while in use.

  • Unlocks handcuffs in seconds.
  • Triple your practice time!
  • Stays on cuffs during training.
  • Easily removed after training.
  • No need for rigged or altered handcuffs for training.
  • Fits most handcuffs except ASP.
  • High visibility for safety.