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CTS Thompson Model 9008 Tri-Max High Security Leg Irons

CTS Thompson Handcuffs & Restraints Tri-Max leg irons are exceptionally pick and shim resistant.

Due to the split shackle construction, the strength of the leg iron is increased because the gap between the dual shackles rides through a rigid "monorail" retaining bar. A double five-tooth pawl engages the independently floating retaining bars on each side of each shackle.

The "monorail" system is the reason we call the leg irons TRI-MAX. The internal bar not only strengthens the hold vertically and laterally, but inhibits a shim from entering the nose or the rear of the shackle. It also defeats a pick if it is engaged through the keyway. While it may be possible to pop the double lock, a pick cannot go completely through the handcuff to engage the rear retaining bars and depress them. Tri-Max maintains the integrity of 1. Nose of shackle 2. Rear of shackle. 3. Key hole. That's why we call it TRI-MAX Security!

Uses standard handcuff keys, 2 included.