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CTS Thompson Model 7084 Blue Box Cover For Chain Handcuffs

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CTS Thompson Model 7082 Blue Box Cover for chain style handcuffs has been discontinued and replaced by Model 7084. The redesigned blue box works exactly the same, but now it accommodates handcuffs and leg irons. It can be used on leg irons by putting one box on each cuff of the leg iron and securing with padlocks.

Made of reinforced ABS and steel. Blue Box Transport Systems: safe, strong and tough. CTS Thompson Blue Box systems keeps handcuff keyholes covered for top security during transport or detention. Double locks can be activated from outside of box. Accepts most standard chain handcuffs, oversized chain handcuffs, and leg irons (with one box on each side). Handcuffs or leg irons not included. Weighs 4.6 ounces.

-Handcuffs can be preloaded into box before being put on prisoner.
-Box and handcuffs can be applied to the subject from the interrogation position (no more dangerous face to face confrontations).
-The blue box's patented double lock slots allow you to set the double locks after the prisoner is in the cuffs and the box is locked to the belly chain. (Some S&W models must be double locked first.)
-When used with the blue box, a standard set of handcuffs will limit the subject's mobility, hide the keyholes, and provide greater safety for the transporting officer.


  • blue box cover

    Posted by Rob Walker on Mar 15th 2018

    Allows chain cuffs to cuff stacked front or behind the back stacked for violent offenders. Immobilized hands like no other product. Becomes indispensable. Share your applications.

  • Blue no

    Posted by Mark Mitchell on Apr 20th 2017

    Works very well and very secure. Works with most standard Cain link cuffs. Has easy access for double locking the cuffs.