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C & S Security Fifth Model Black Box Handcuff Cover

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The proper use of the C & S Security handcuff cover and a belly chain can ensure safety for all officers who transport prisoners. The handcuff cover fits Peerless model 300, 400, 500, 700 & oversize handcuffs; Smith and Wesson model 1, 100, & 110; and Hiatt 2010.

Made from high-strength, high-impact ABS plastic. The security clip on the handcuff cover is aluminum 6061T6 alloy - the same strength as steel.

When placing handcuffs on a prisoner for transporting, be sure to double lock them. The handcuff cover protects the key hole and thus prevents picking or tampering with any parts of the lock. The plastic cover has a metal clip that the security link passes through. This allows the officer to use the security chain to restrict the movement of the prisoner's hands to any degree he deems necessary. A small padlock through the two chains at the snap will secure any prisoner. Handcuffs not included.
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   46 years and no escapes., July 27, 2017  By Jamie Cullip- Owner C&S Securi (Roscommon, MI)
I thought I would review our product and fill in some information about the "Black Box". Jack Cullip and partner invented the "Black Box" in 1971. Since its invention the box has been the best prisoner transport equipment to stop inmates from picking the lock hole and the ratchet of the handcuff. If the handcuffs are put on correctly and double locked and the use of the "Black Box" and our #2 waist chain and Master lock is applied no one has ever escaped in transport. Please look at our U-Tube training video " C&S Security training video".
   Blue box, April 20, 2017  By Anonymous (Boise, ID)
Works great and very secure but only problem is no access to double lock the cuff once applied.
   Awesome Handcuff Covers, May 25, 2016  By Anonymous (Albuquerque, NM)
These products are great, secure and work as advertised. Thanks for selling a great product that does the job for criminal security.

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