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Clejuso Model 15 Heavyweight Handcuffs

Part Number: CJ15  

Clejuso Model 15 Heavyweight Handcuffs. In a class by themselves, these are some of the thickest, heaviest handcuffs ever made. Finger activated double locks. Over 1 1/2 inches thick, weigh 47.7 ounces. Non-standard keys, 2 included.
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   Clejuso Model 15 Heavyweight Handcuffs, April 17, 2018  By Anonymous (San Antonio, TX)(Verified)
Wow! These handcuffs are great. I love the solid metal and the smooth operation of the parts. I was hesitant to buy them because of the high price, but they are worth it.
   Unforgetable, July 12, 2017  By Anonymous 
The smooth edges are comfortable for long term wear and the heavy weight makes it impossible to forget that you have them on. A really nice combination if you want someone to think about what they have done, without actually hurting them or leaving marks like conventional cuffs tend to.

The finger-activated double lock is really convenient, and the way the key "sticks" open (its clearly designed that way) makes adjusting them a breeze. The "single action" to unlock (just spin the key all the way in one direction to undo the double lock and main lock! Not the back and forth like american cuffs...) is also super cool.

The uniquely huge key is a little annoying but I guess it fits with the rest of the motif. I just wish they used the same key as conventional cuffs. Its still a simple single-tooth key, just jumbo sized.

They also are right on the edge of being too big for women with particularly slim wrists. It would be nice if they came with some sort of fitted spacer to make them fit better.
   awesome, October 21, 2016  By B 
I've been looking for these cuffs for a while. They're awesome. The finish isn't super polished chrome, which I thought they would be,and there are some very minor scratches that happen most likely in transit. Worth every penny
   Amazingly heavy!, May 31, 2016  By Anonymous (Atlanta, GA)
These cuffs live up to the name "Heavyweight Handcuffs" While I don't think they are practical for daily law enforcement work they are amazing in their own right. Once these are locked on the prisoner knows there is no escape and calms down immediately.
   Secure Handcuffs!, September 24, 2015  By Anonymous (Newton, NJ)
When the wearer has got these well made cuffs on. It knows its not going to escape at all. Maybe the future model will have a thicker links between the cuffs...Andy

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